Heather A. Hannon, MSN RN

Women's Health Nurse, Childbirth Educator

What people are saying about Heather and her classes:

I thought you might enjoy the attached photo, it's of Owen (left), Mae (middle) and Addison  (right). Their moms and I met at the March 2012 Fast Track class almost exactly a year ago. These three little ones have been in a playgroup together over the past 7 months, and it's been so great bonding with their moms over the trials and tribulations of motherhood and watching our babies grow together.  Just thought I'd take a moment to thank you again for your offering your labor classes, not only for the knowledge you provide, but for giving us a chance to form great friendships.- L. T. and baby Mae

see photo on right hand side of page, first photo in the column

"Thank you for everything you have done for us. What you do in this community is life-changing for many families. It goes beyond just birth experience. Your passion for birth education is contagious and we were so lucky to meet you and learn from you." N.W.

"...I can never express how grateful I am because it could have gone very different... I was always a little hesitant when it came to listening to people talk about natural births until I took your class. It is because of the way you approach this that I felt I could do this and never be judged about my delivery and feel confident I could make the right choices for me and my baby and feel good about them... I'm grateful for you and the way you approach birthing our sweet babies.." s.g.

"We would never have had the birth we did without you, & without connecting us with our midwife." S.C.


"We appreciate you and all of the help you provided us. You are great with helping couples prepare for the challenges that comes with every labor and delivery and you help them know how to make the best choices with their personal circumstance and help them feel confident they made the right choices for them even though it may not be the ideal labor and delivery they were hoping for. And you never make them feel inferior or guilty if their path is not the perfect path. Every woman deserves this type of care"


"We did all naturally! My husband  says he is so grateful we took your class, because every stage you said I would go through, I went through, & it took some of the fear away, knowing that what was happening was normal.

I am also glad we took your class-it was helpful to me in help with relaxing (as much as possible) in the midst of contractions.   My husband used the calming words from your class when I hit my wall & my panic-we are both grateful for what you taught us!

 I would have to say it was the most difficult thing I've done, & the most wonderful thing I've done. I was able to nurse an alert, bright eyed baby. She has remained that way all along, & I am convinced it's bc she wasn't drugged during labor & delivery!

 Also, everyone up here knows I'm the girl that did it naturally! The nurses in L&D were so wonderful & supportive-it was a great experience as far as that aspect."

 J and E G..

"I just want to give you a HUGE thank you for working with me and squeezing me into the class like you did. I had such an amazing birth and wanted to share my story with you.  

My photographer looked at C. and told him "your wife is a beast!!" Then she looks at me and says "do you have any idea what you just did?!?" I was kind of shocked by the question wondering if it was something wrong and she said "not only did you just have your first baby, you did it with no drugs and to an 8lbs 6.6oz POSTERIOR baby!!" She said " if they wouldn't have told me she was posterior I never would have known because of how calm you were!!" Nothing is better than holding your newborn daughter and your husband telling you how proud he is of you and the job you did. "  B. N. 

"Just taking with you on the phone that day gave me so much relief about my thoughts and decisions, not to mention everything I learned in class. My birth would have been so much more traumatic if not for that class." N.M. 

"Just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful birthing class!  My husband and I took your fast track class back in March and it really was a huge help!  

We had a perfect little boy on May 5, and thanks to all the tools you have is we knew how to handle it " B.W.

I just want to thank you so much for everything! Because of your class and overall support we were well educated on the things going on and offered to us. It made a humongous difference.{ My partner } did so well with the things he learned... Deep breathing, counter pressure...he did an amazing job! We had low lights a note on the door to use the dimmer and low voices when coming in, music and a favorite poem as an affirmation.  Not only was your class helpful you were an awesome resource and comfort when everything was getting crazy. Even referring us to our doula who I am unbelievably grateful for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Your work is needed, your knowledge is appreciated, and you are an amazing woman!!   A. B. and baby A.

" I know I have said thank you for all of the support that you gave me during my pregnancy, but I just want to express how truly grateful I am for the difference that you made in my pregnancy and birth experience. You changed the outcome of my experience, and in so doing, changed the memories that I have and possibly even my ability to cope and bond with my son after it was all over. You do more than just teach a Bradley class. You make the world that these little babies come into a more loving, safe place for them. You make the mothers with whom you come into contact feel a sense of peace and understanding as they approach a very scary place in their lives. 
Thank you so much."

L and C G. and Baby Clive

" it was an amazing bonding experience with my husband.  We both look back on it and agree that we haven't ever felt so close.  J and P S.


"Dear Heather Friday at 3:45pm Mrs Ella J. H. was born your class was the greatest help a first time dad can get to help the mother of his child. My daughter  is healthy 8.2 pound red haired blue eyed baby girl and you allowed me the greatest joy of helping my wife with labor and for that i will forever be great full to you."  C and L. H."


"Everything went so well because I was never  afraid. Thanks to you and I felt prepared for whatever baby Nick threw our way! You said in class one night that you only get one chance to give your child the best possible start at life. I honestly feel that Nick is doing so well because you told me I could do this and I believed you from the bottom of my heart. I pictured you rolling around on the floor, my cervix opening,breathing my baby down, low moans, and laboring for days if I had to. Jason and I wanted to share our story with you and thank you for all you do" A and J P.

"It's not every day that a group of people are put together in a room and are able to open up and share their lives.  We thank you for preparing us and encouraging us for what was one of the best moments of our lives.  Your passion for family and natural birth were so evident and words can't describe how thankful we are that we wound up with you as our leader and teacher.  Please never stop teaching and inspiring people!"  J, M, and C Hess

"Dear Heather, You are so good at what you do...you prepared us for every scenario {and we experienced them all : ) } and helped us feel good about whatever choices we ended up making.  Our birth experience was full of surprises, and we felt ready for every step.  Thank you for hour humor, knowledge, and kindness."  K and J.

"Heather, Thank you so much for all the knowledge, love, and positive support through our pregnancy, labor, and birth of baby S.!  Your encouraging words, assurance, and guidance really helped us emotionally and mentally pull through a long, tough labor!  Your classes were awesome and your messages, calls, and visit to meet baby S. was Huge!  Thanks for helping bring baby S. into the world in the best way he could be brought and giving us peace of mind.  Our appreciation blossomed even further when multiple staff observed during labor "She must have had a great birthing class!"  K and B R.

"What you do for pregnant women and partner is amazing.  You provided us with such support and confidence and encouragement.  From the tools you gave us in class, the help in making our decisions, to visiting us in the hospitl!  You shaped our birth experience for the better.  We'll always be grateful.  Thank you!" S and C H.

"So I started pushing kneeling on the bed facing the front with Steve in front of me. After a while I moved to the birthing stool where Caleb Stephen Krieger was finally born after 2 hours of pushing. Surprisingly he was 10 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long! I had no idea I would have a baby that big! And honestly if I had known he would've been that big, I would have really doubted my ability to have a natural birth!"


"Heather I want to thank you for all your help and support. Without those classes I don't think I would've had the same birthing experience. Steve was an awesome coach and support throughout the entire time and it was because of your classes that he was able to stay calm throughout it all. I wouldn't have changed our experience for the world and will not think twice about having natural births with our future children. Thank you so much again - you truly prepared us for the most amazing experience of our lives! Hope you're doing well and have a great a Thanksgiving!


~L. K." 


"Thank you for all of your help.  You are part of God's gracious plan in providing a safe, natural birth for our son.  We are particularly grateful for your mentioning Nancy's name (our midwife) in the beginning.  We may not have found her so early on without you.  My husband and I both enjoyed the class, and it gave us a lot of confidence.  My husband raves about the class to this day. "  S.K.

"Thank you so much for our Bradley class.  It was so informative and helpful to know what to expect going into labor.  We were completely clueless beforfe and went into the hospital confidently.  You are awesome!"  V and B.


"Thanks for all of the help.  My mom and I will be thinking of you often on birth-day!"  B.B.


"Thank you so much for doing this class.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do because the closest Bradley class was near Ashland.  The Bradley Method is the best to learn for natural childbirth, and I am so excited to have experienced it.  Thank you again."  L.C.


"Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and passion for the miraculous journey of childbirth.  You are AWESOME.  We will never forget our Bradley experience and will treasure you  forever."  S. and B.


"Thank you so much for being there for us and making this an absolute wonderful experience!!!"  A and B and baby Advait.


"I can't thank you enough for your support the last few months.  Your knowledge and kindness have meant so much to me." K.H.


"Truly you are a rare bird Heather, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my doula and our teacher.  Thankyou for being by my side during the most important and joyous time in my life...I will never forget the love and patience you gave me throughout our journey.  Thank you." S.M.


"We are so thankful for you and your support through our journey in becoming parents."  K.D.


"Thank you for all the happiness you contributed!  Our family is forever grateful." B and J and Baby Ulli


"You are amazing...so open, warm, knowledgeable, and encouraging.  Your stories are inspiring and admirable.  I feel so lucky to have you as our doula.  I enjoyed every (class) session." J.S.


"We really appreciated the honest communication (practiced in class)" S.S.


"We enjoyed these classes very much and the information provided was useful in labor...Women inherently know how to give birth.  They just have to trust themselves!" E. H.


"GREAT!  What we learned that impressed us the most...overall security and learning NOT to fear!  Our favorite sessions were the labor rehearsals, but we liked them all."  C.S.


"We are so glad we took this class.  It was a fantastic experience...I wouldn't change a thing." B.M.


"You were absolutely wonderful and personable and made us feel extremely comfortable to be in class.  The weeks went by faster than expected, and we learned so much!  We honestly feel like you care about us and our labor and baby like we were your own children.   Thank you mostly for your support and love.  We will be calling you (in labor)!"  E.S.


"James Allen Cooper was born unmedicated and all natural at 7:19 pm. He is extremely healthy and Laura is doing great. I don't want to steal Laura's thunder so I will let her email you the birth story. Thank you for you guidance and wisdom. I truly believe if it wasn't for your class that this would not have been possible. Everything happened just as you explained it. Laura will be in touch very soon. Thanks again." Laura and James C.




Sarah O. and Brian R. " At 10:41pm, after 27 hours of active labor Brian looked over the curtain in the operating room and said with tears in his eyes “We have a baby boy!”. I will never forget that moment or those words.  We both cried overwhelmed with emotion after a long day knowing that it may not have ended how we would have liked but we were proud of ourselves.  Brian and I brought Colton Nicholas Rouse into this world with unconditional love and support from each other, with the greatest of intentions and faith that we had made the right decisions for our beautiful baby.  We had accomplished our Bradley birth."




"Hey Heather!  I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Emily Michele Plank arrived at 2:45am on June 10th.  She measured 19.5 inches and tipped the scales at 6 lbs 6oz.  I had the exact birth I wanted!  I labored mostly at home, had a VBAC, and went 100% natural (no drugs or episiotomy)!  I’m just thrilled!  Nicole was great and my husband did a fantastic job!"  J.P.




Greg and Liz F.


"Heather, I hope you are well, and I hope to see you soon.  Thank you for being such an awesome instructor, the understanding you provided us really was a huge benefit to both myself and Greg.  We are so glad we took Bradley with you." 




Irene and Kevin C.
"Even though it didn’t go as planned, we felt as if we were prepared for changes in the course and in the end we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  We can’t wait for the reunion!  Good luck to the rest of you and God bless!"






"It was an incredible experience and I really want to thank you for the education you provided. I don't think my experience would have been nearly as pleasant if we hadn't gone through the Bradley Classes." Scott and Shelia M.




"Congratulations to your family! Tommy and I welcomed Beckett Rife Miller into our family. The delivery went great and we also used all the tools from class arriving at the hospital fully dilated. Well wishes to all on this amazing journey!" J and T Miller 


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