Heather A. Hannon, MSN RN

Women's Health Nurse, Childbirth Educator

Classes Taught


  • Interested in a natural, un-medicated childbirth?
  • Planning a low intervention delivery, but would like to reduce your chances of cesarean?
  • Pregnant again and desire a natural birth for this pregnancy?
  • Preparing for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), but would like more specific tools?

 My classes are tailored to fit your needs.  I offer several options for childbirth preparation.Come join a class today, and find the tools and knowledge you and your partner need to acheive the birth experience you desire and make a smooth transition to parenthood. 


Fast Track to Natural Birth gives you the tools and information you need to have a safe, rewarding un-medicated natural birth and does so in a shorter time frame. The fast track is an incredibly successful class and appeals to many couples because it gets you what you need without overwhelming your schedule and mind.  

Fast Track will teach you valuable strategies for laboring at home and evaluating whether it is time to head to the hospital.  Fast Track will also teach you about the stages of labor and how to support your partner in each stage from the first hint of labor to strong hard contractions to the focus and determination of the pushing stage.  Fast Track covers helpful labor positions to ease discomfort and also help labor progress.  The course emphasizes partnering with your provider.  

Most important, fast track focuses on coping techniques for handling the challenges that go with each stage of labor - espeically when things get intense.  and unlike other birth classes, the fast Track class focuses on teaching you how to SUCCESSFULLY navigate some common obstacles and variations in labor (long labor, posterior or mal positioned baby, water breaking and no contratctions for several hourse, fast labor etc etc).  

In this class you will  build your own unique toolbox for labor and birth using a multitude of natural coping techniques and medical tools when needed.  Although most couples are able to birth without added medical tools, this class understands that there are times when medical tools are valuable and even life saving.  As a result, the fast track discusses common medications and interventions for labor so that if a situation arises where a medical tools is needed you will understand how to effectively and appropriately utilized each tool and feel comfortable with your decisions and the decision making process. Fast track also discusses ways to decrease your chances of needing a cesarean and helps you learn ways to help labor progress and work with your body in cases where an induction or epidural are necessary.  

Fast Track classes include a practical labor rehearsal and realistic coping and coaching activities to help pull together everything learned in the class.  

You will also have the opportunity to hear other couples from past classes return to share their birth story.  

Fast track to Natural Birth is a good fit for first time and second time (and beyond) couples in addition to being a good optio for VBAC moms.


For second, third etc. time parents only:


Natural Chidbirth Refresher is designed for couples that are expecting again and wish to have a natural birth for this pregnancy.  Refresh your mind about what to expect during labor, learn how to labor at home and in the hospital, discover your inner strength, and practice multiple coping strategies. You do NOT need to have had a natural birth in the past to take this course. Natural Birth Refresher is a good fit for women desiring a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC course). Unlike standard childbirth classes, this course address issues unqiue to second time couples and moms seeking a VBAC. This course provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to have a natural birth.


The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Please note that since returning to full time work as advanced practice nurse in women's oncology I am no longer teaching the 12 week Bradley Method series.  


For more information about the classes I teach please contact me via email:


or phone: 804- 639--5902



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