Heather A. Hannon, MSN RN

Women's Health Nurse, Childbirth Educator

How can we best prepare for childbirth?


   What can I expect during labor?

       How can my partner support me during labor?

Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy!


The birth of your child is one of the most amazing and significant events life offers.  My own experience has taught me that birth can also be incredibly rewarding and even life-changing.


As you and your partner prepare to welcome your new addition, it is important that you have the best preparation and education to make your baby's birth a positive and fulfilling experience: one that you can truly enjoy together. 


I believe that all expectant couples can benefit from a better understanding of the normal process of labor and birth and learning how to best support one another throughout this process.  My classes are designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to acheive the birth experience you desire and make a smooth transition to parenthood. 

I encourage you to explore this website and learn more about my what my classes.  Please let me help you acheive the rewarding and positive birth experience you desire!



Heather A. Hannon MSN, RN

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What a difference two years makes!! Today was our Bradley baby birthday party celebrating all ten of the second birthdays. So fun to have ten couples with kids the same age to grow with, learn with, and get encouragement from. Love these people so much! " L and T  at a 2 year reunion class- see photo to the right of this page, 2012 and 2014

"Dear Heather:  I know I have said thank you for all of the support that you gave me during my pregnancy, but I just want to express how truly grateful I am for the difference that you made in my pregnancy and birth experience. You changed the outcome of my experience, and in so doing, changed the memories that I have and possibly even my ability to cope and bond with my son after it was all over. You do more than just teach a Bradley class. You make the world that these little babies come into a more loving, safe place for them. You make the mothers with whom you come into contact feel a sense of peace and understanding as they approach a very scary place in their lives. Thank you so much."   

L and C. and baby Clive

"D. and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with us yesterday. When we left, we felt confident that we are making the right choice with a natural birth. I cannot tell you how invaluable the information you have e-mailed and shared with us has been. Thank you for your willingness to answer all of my questions so thoroughly. I have such an inner peace and calmness about this birth that I can only attribute to the wealth of information I now have." D and L. W.  

I just want to thank you so much for everything! Because of your class and overall support we were well educated on the things going on and offered to us. It made a humongous difference.{ My partner } did so well with the things he learned... Deep breathing, counter pressure...he did an amazing job! We had low lights a note on the door to use the dimmer and low voices when coming in, music and a favorite poem as an affirmation.  Not only was your class helpful you were an awesome resource and comfort when everything was getting crazy. Even referring us to our doula who I am unbelievably grateful for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Your work is needed, your knowledge is appreciated, and you are an amazing woman!!   A. B. and baby A.

"...I can never express how grateful I am because it could have gone very different... I was always a little hesitant when it came to listening to people talk about natural births until I took your class. It is because of the way you approach this that I felt I could do this and never be judged about my delivery and feel confident I could make the right choices for me and my baby and feel good about them... I'm grateful for you and the way you approach birthing our sweet babies.."s.g.

 "Thank you for everything you have done for us. What you do in this community is life-changing for many families. It goes beyond just birth experience. Your passion for birth education is contagious and we were so lucky to meet you and learn from you." N.W.


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